Contact and Location

& : Christophe Daviet-Thery Livres et Editions d’Artistes

Tel : + 33(0)1 53 79 05 95  fax : + 33(0)1 43 54 74 93

www. –  blog:

Please contact us by mail for more information.

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library, Jorges Luis Borges

One Response to “Contact and Location”

  1. Kaatje Cusse Says:

    As the editor of COME ON by Robert Barry allow me to point out that the regular edition was 1000 paperback copies. There was a limited edition of 50 hardcover copies, 25 numbered for sale, 25 numbered copies for the artists in the series, the printer and the editor. Very best regards, Kaatje Cusse

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