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Nicolas Aiello

July 30, 2010

Nicolas Aiello Berlin 2009 Ink on paper

In conjunction with the exhibition dedicated to Toine Horvers, Handwritten books, Christophe Daviet-Thery will also present the work of Nicolas Aiello (born in 1977).

Nicolas Aiello’s art reflects on the relation of the individual to the city, primarily as a collective and political space. The urban space is the privileged ground: through interventions in the public place, though videos, though photos, though papers, though drawings or even cooking smells, which underline the human and political relationships which are inextricably linked to them.

This exhibition which will be organized in two spaces. The first will question the relationship of the image to paper, with his series titled “RTF”, images recorded while walking in the city and which constitute an authentic form of writing.

The second phase will present a series of twenty five drawings titled “Berlin”, executed in 2009. These represent words read during his walks in Berlin, which are transcribed until a visual saturation and unique image are achieved.

“RTF” and “Berlin” will be presented alongside the work of the Swiss poet and writer, Robert Walser.

“RTF” 09/16/1010 – 10/02/10

“Berlin” 10/02/10 – 10/16/10

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Toine Horvers – hand written books

July 22, 2010

September 16 –  November 13  2010

Since many years handwritten texts have been a constant factor in the artistic oeuvre of the artist Toine Horvers ( The Netherlands,1947). Using pencil, Horvers builds up his drawings by writing layer upon layer into chiaroscuro-like patches; upon closer inspection, they turn out to be description of reality.

Abstract at first sight, these layered transcriptions of the “portraits” or “landscapes” Horvers tries to describe, often result in surprisingly visual “description” of the original objects. In recent years, Toine Horvers has bundled series of such “drawings” into books – all handwritten and thus unique pieces.

Sometimes, such books combine series of drawings on a single pictorial theme or motive, like in “Light Self-portraits”. Other books contain the description of a single observation, as can be seen in Inis Oirr Panorama series.

More and more, Toine Horvers is interested in the conceptual and the performative aspects of books. The texts or text-fragments in most of the books are also presented  live by the artist in oral performances, sometimes in combination with writing.

Horvers’ recent series of books, containing writings of the Latin names of elements appearing in anatomical sections of the body, refer to their informational  character of the anatomical atlases which provide the basic text material for these works.

The invitation by Christophe Daviet-Thery as a publisher of artists’books challenged Toine Horvers to reconsider his ideas on the reproductability of handwritten texts, resulting in the publication “Writing Lecture”, the text of which will be performed live during the opening of the exhibition at Christophe Daviet-Thery Livres et Editions d’Artistes.

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Toine Horvers Sections of the Ear – 2009 graphite on japanese paper.


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