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Mac Adams

November 10, 2010

© rebecca fanuele

One hundred lies,2001

Text by Partick Bouvet.

Edition of 500 unsigned and unumbered copies.

Format: Folder 27 x 28 cm with 9 unbounded and unpagined images printed on both sides.

Published by &: Christophe Daviet-Thery,2001,Paris.

Price: 40 euros

In a bathroom,some dolls,silent witnesses to a drama:blood on the walls,a dead woman in a bathtub,Mac Adams created an environment titled “One hundred eyes” which turned into pictures,meticulously staged photographs.The process is cinematographic as much as photographic.The viewers are guided and a near theatrical synopsis is created that puts as much information as possible into the image.Mac Adams is the director of actors and a set that he brings together for the moment when the picture is taken.He also demonstrates the passage of time:before and after the dead of this woman,Clues (dolls collection,photographs of the woman alive pregnancy test…)are shown and the story is told but an open story.