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Posters by Erwin Wurm, Leonor Antunes…….

March 9, 2013
In the 1970s Remy Charlip (dancer, choreographer, author of childrens’ books…..) countered Munari’s poster by an armchair dance which he choreographed entitled “Reading Dance”, providing today the title of this exhibition. In the spirit which inspired Charlip to counter Munari, the contemporary artists Leonor Antunes, Pablo Bronstein, Koenrad Dedobbeleer, Yann Sérandour, and Erwin Wurm were invited to react once again to Munari’s poster and imagery, echoing in their work themes of reading, architecture, and performance.
Leonor Antunes proposes eight dance “grids” as environment, creating an optical and physical experience from photograms of industrial metallic railings applied directly to photographic paper (“grid dancing”, 8 posters – 50 x 50 cm – offset – 250 copies – Price: 100 euros)


Koenraad Dedobbeleer proposes a two-sided poster; a self portrait of the artist in his studio and apartment ( “Seeking Comfort in an Uncomfortable World”, 2 posters  both sides – 90 x 65 cm – offset – 250 copies – Price: 50 euros)
 Johannes Wohnseifer echoes the layout of Munari’s poster with 14 photographs of an abandoned and damaged skate board ( “Reconstruction of a Toenage Sculpture”, poster – 50 x 77,5 cm – offset – 250 copies – Price: 10 euros)
Erwin Wurm offers a drawing with its accompanying legend instructing one to realize a “One minute sculpture”, along with the possibility of using the poster by transforming it into a jacket covering the monograph ” The artist who Swallowed” ed Cantz (“Take your Most Loved Philosophers” – poster – 11 x 70 cm – offset – 250 copies – Price: 10 euros)
Leonor Antunes