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April 12, 2013

Christophe Daviet-Thery would be delighted to welcome you to the upcoming exhibition at the gallery on 12th April -22th  May, 2013.

Opening show 12th April at 6pm-9pm


Ulises Carrion SONNET (S) 1972

Michalis Pichler OTHER SONNET (S) 2009-(ongoing)

This vis-à-vis would be the occasion to bring face the artist’s publication “SONNET(S)” by Ulises Carrion, 1072 and “OTHER SONNET” by Michalis Pichler, here in particular “THIRTYSIX LITHOGRAPHED SONNETS”,2009.

In 1972, Ulises Carrion produced his first artist’s book “SONNET (S)” which consists of a 44 variations of a sonnet by Dante Gabriel Rosetti titled ” Hearts Compass”. Using the langage like a material, Carrion writes Rossetti’s poem over and over again on a typewritter, in slighthly different versions.

Michalis Pichler, a Berlin-based experimental writter, artist and publisher, in a similar approach, created 44 new variations produced and published a book titled “SOME MORE SONNET(S)” – and on the last page of this book announced a multitude of OTHER SONNET’S), mostly imaginary. In an ongoing process, Pichler produced some of them, like “THIRTYSIX LITHOGRAPHED SONNET(S)” which the title give the form in an interaction between what we are reading and what we are seeing, changing words in a visual way, even “sculptural” like a materialization of the language”.

Code Magazine 2.0 # 6

April 4, 2013

Nathalie et christophe Daviet-Thery vous attendent le samedi 13 avril 2013 pour le lancement du nouveau numéro de Code Magazine 2.0 # 6


Tous nos remerciements à Laetitia Chauvin et Clément Dirié.