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Yann Serandour

November 13, 2010

© rebecca fanuele

Incomplete open cubes,2010

Open numbered edition. Box in coated paper und museum board by Laurel Parker with an instruction booklet printed in offset on coated paper by Les Compagnons du Sagittaire.

Published by &: Christophe Daviet-Thery,2010,Paris.

Price: 300 euros

Marcel Dzama

November 10, 2010

© rebecca fanuele

Lonesome creatures of a worried world,2005

25 signed and numbered copies + 7 EA numbered in roman numerals from I to VII.

The six first copies are numbered from 1 to 6 enriched with one print and original drawings.

The whole is in a wood box with a marquetery by Marcel Dzama.

Published by &: Christophe Daviet-Thery & XN editions, 2005, Paris.

Price upon request.

Mac Adams

November 10, 2010

© rebecca fanuele

One hundred lies,2001

Text by Partick Bouvet.

Edition of 500 unsigned and unumbered copies.

Format: Folder 27 x 28 cm with 9 unbounded and unpagined images printed on both sides.

Published by &: Christophe Daviet-Thery,2001,Paris.

Price: 40 euros

In a bathroom,some dolls,silent witnesses to a drama:blood on the walls,a dead woman in a bathtub,Mac Adams created an environment titled “One hundred eyes” which turned into pictures,meticulously staged photographs.The process is cinematographic as much as photographic.The viewers are guided and a near theatrical synopsis is created that puts as much information as possible into the image.Mac Adams is the director of actors and a set that he brings together for the moment when the picture is taken.He also demonstrates the passage of time:before and after the dead of this woman,Clues (dolls collection,photographs of the woman alive pregnancy test…)are shown and the story is told but an open story.

Mark Dion

November 10, 2010

Fragments of Travel: Exploration and Adventure,2007

Edition of 36 signed and numbered copies (the numbers from 1 to 6 are enriched with an original drawing) + 9 A.P signed and numbered from I to IX in roman numerals.

Format size: 26 x 32 cm – 41 pages

Iris prints on various papers- Book quater-bound in buffalo with Zerkall Nideggen paper and Zerkall German Ingres – Chemise and slipcase in Dover cloth and Zerkall Nideggen paper, pop-up books (maps) in full buffalo leather.

Published by &: Christophe Daviet-Thery & XN editions, 2007, Paris.

Sold out.

© rebecca fanuele

In his installations Mark Dion explores the relationship and distinctions between objective science and subjective art using the language and methodology of the scientific process both present and past in his work.During the construction of the new MoMa,Mark Dion conducted a series of archeological digs and turned his finding into an” Installation Projects 82,Rescue Archeology A Project for the Museum of Modern Art”.His Madison Square Park  “Urban Wildlife ObservationUnit”,fashioned after 19th century wildlife refuge viewing area reflected his interest in ecology while encouraging park visitors to examine closely the local flora and fauna.The fiels station created with the help of park rangers and local naturalist was filled with drawings and objects associated with the park.In the “Tate Thames Dig” (1999),teams of local volunteers collected objects found along the shore of the Thames at Millbank and Bankside (the collection of Tate Britain and Tate Modern).The discoveries were subsequently cleaned and displayed in an old-fashioned double-side cabinet,where they presented a profile of the city through the contents of its geographic and onetime economic center.

In this artist’s book,Mark Dion assumes the guise of an 18th or 19th century scientist who explores an unknown land (he kindly includes a map of this terra incognita)and exhaustively documents the native flora and fauna the bbok was been exquisitely constructed to convincingly carry out this fiction: pieces of paper are die cut and assembled and bound into the book to suggest an impromptu but thorough record of the explore’s discoveries and observations.The Iris prints appear to be convincing facsimile of Dion’s faux-scientific maquette.