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Charline von Heyl

March 6, 2010

© rebecca fanuele

Sabotage, 2009

Charline von Heyl Sabotage, 2008 The book has been printed in offset print by Arte-Print, Brussels on MAT. Blacklabel Silk 250gr MAT Magno Mat 400 gr and silkscreen printing by Screen Group, Brussels on transparent PVC 150 microns. Binding by Arte-Print, Brussels, Belgium and Laurel Parker, Montreuil. Slipcase on MAT Blacklabel Silk 150gr assembled by ” Les doigts qui rêvent “, Dijon. Format: 46 accordion pages and 23 free Mylar pages. 28,4 x 35,6 x 4 cm – (11,18 x 14,01 x 1,18 inches) Edition of 100 copies signed and numbered in arab numerals from 1 to 100 nd 27 artists’s proof numbered in roman numerals from I to XXVII. Special thanks to no-do, (Neuchâtel); Gisela Capitain Gallery, (Cologne); Friedrich Petzel Gallery (New York);Rob Swainston and Douglas

Price upon request

Johannes Wohnseifer

January 29, 2010

Récentes reconstructions, 2009

Edition of 15 signed and numbered copies + 8 A.P

Edition size book: 33,5 x 37 cm- 10 Accordeon pages.

This book has been silkscreened on Kölner Pappe by Axel Bohlen, Cologne.Binding by Buchbinderei & Prägerei Schaefer, Cologne.

Published by Christophe Daviet-Thery,2009,Paris.

Price upon request.

Johannes Wohnseifer finds the needs for his work in history,both the history of Germany as well as his own, whether personal memories or those of his generation.He develops a strategy primarily grounded in the appropriation of historic and cultural symbols, which he infuses with an ironic and affective, almost melancholic mood.Nonetheless, while at first glance close to Pop this practice is ultimately revealed as purely conceptual.

This project remits exclusively to the personal memory of the generation of the artist in the covers of the 1980s.English pop group The Smith. At the time, the group used existing well-known images of people from their own imagery, and now Wohnseifer repeats the same design but replacing them with people from the universal imagery of British culture.

© rebecca fanuele

Yann Serandour

December 21, 2009

Inside the White Cube – Édition Fantôme , 2009

Edition of  50 copies signed and numbered  + 10 A.P + 4 H.C

Design by  Jérôme Saint-LoubertBié, paris.

Box in Cialux orange bookcloth and lined with offset prints by Laurel Parker, Paris.

Size: Book: 26,7 x 27,7 cm – Box: 27,9 x 28,1 cm

Published by  Christophe Daviet-Thery, 2009, Paris

Each boxed edition will include an English and a French version of the book, Inside the White Cube, by Yann Sérandour, which is published by JRP/Ringier, Zürich, as part of the Christoph Keller Editions collection.

The interstitial and mimetic works by Yann Sérandour originale from existing works, publications and products which he reactivates and whose issues are changed. Embracing a conceptual view of art, he extends some historical expressions in other directions throught infiltration, parasiting and “hijacking” operations. On one hand, these tactics are a way to reactivate – and sometimes to modify- the latent meanings of a work and on the other hand, to interrogate the transformations of the historical, political and aesthetic issues associated with it.

Price: 450 euros