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Do it yourself at the Yoko Gallery

May 19, 2015

Nathalie Daviet-Thery would be delighted to welcome you to the next exhibition

Do it yourself
Bill Burns, Peter Downsbrough, Yann Sérandour, Lawrence Weiner

at the Yoko Uhoda gallery May 22 to June 28 2015.


Bill Burns, The Ikea Playlist Kit for Primates, 2010 Edition of 7 copies

Opening show May 22th from 6 to 9 pm with Emeline Depas – Alumina at the gallery.

Please contact us for more information

Christophe Daviet-Thery Livres et Éditions d’artistes
Only with appointment.

Yoko-Uhoda Gallery
Rue Forgeur 25 – B 4000 Liège/ Belgique

Allan Kaprow Posters à la librairie Yvon Lambert

April 29, 2015

&: Daviet-Thery et Alice Dusapin vous invitent au lancement de la publication Allan Kaprow Posters
le mardi 5 mai à la Librairie Yvon Lambert de 18h à 20h.

. DSC_4267

With a wide selection of images, this publication, designed by Coline Sunier and Charles Mazé, documents Kaprow’s posters, a lesser-known side of his work, produced between 1953 for his first show at the Hansa Gallery, New York and 1996 at Kunsthalle Palazzo, Liestal. Most of these posters were designed by Allan Kaprow and are characterized by their aesthetic quality, the earliest ones in particular a combination of hand-lettered text and drawings and the later ones of photographs and typographic text in a minimalist style.
More than merely advertising Happenings or Activities, these posters act as scores/tools for the participants to the Happenings and as everyday objects that blur the boundaries between art and life.


This publication is edited by Alice Dussapin and Christophe Daviet-Thery and Walther König

exposition du 6 au 10 mai

Librairie Yvon Lambert

108 rue Vieille du Temple – 75003 Paris

+ 33(0)142718905

Arts Libris / Barcelona 2015

April 21, 2015

Christophe Daviet-Thery has the pleasure to inform you that he will be at the
Art Libris /Barcelona from 23rd to 26th April 2015


“je suis un livre. Achète moi maintenant” A.R Penck


Christophe Daviet-Thery is a bookseller and publisher in Paris, often questioning the exhibition, use and representation of books. In 2009, the Swiss collector, Christoph Schifferli, was invited to curate an exhibition at his gallery. The show was called “Books on Books”, and presented 26 artists’ books that were, in one way or another, about books or their representation, including work from Bruce Nauman (Burning Small Fires, 1968) to Batia Suter (Parallel Encyclopedia, 2009).

The same year, he asked the graphic designer, Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié, to oversee the catalogue, even if it would exist as a book independent of the exhibition. It addressed the issue of reactivating the exhibition in book form.

Continuing in the spirit of the above exhibition, and as an echo and apparition in the context of an art book fair, the work presented has been chosen as meta: books within books, books using imagery from books, as if in a game of mirrors.

Please contact us for more information at the following address:

Location: Arts Santa Monica – La Rambla,7 08002 Barcelona
Hours: 1pm -9pm

At Yoko Uhoda Gallery

April 7, 2015

Nathalie Daviet-Thery would be delighted to welcome you to the next exhibition

De l’usage de la gravure


David Shrigley, Johannes Wohnseifer, Alex Katz, Martin Kippenberger…

At the Yoko Uhoda Galleru on 2th April – 10th May, 2015.

Opening show 2th April at 6pm-9pm with Spyk- Never Sleep

spyk image carton

Please contact us for more information

Christophe Daviet-Thery Livres et Éditions d’artistes
Only with appointment.

Yoko-Uhoda Gallery
Rue Forgeur 25 – B 4000 Liège/ Belgique


April 28, 2014

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Vis-à Vis-2

February 22, 2013

Christophe Daviet-Thery would be delighted to welcome you to the following exhibition 


Walking Beside the River

 Hamish Fulton Walking Beside the River Vechte, 1998 / Annaea Lockwood A sound Map of the Hudson River, 1982

 at the gallery on 22th February – 22th March, 2013

Thanks to Anne-Laure Chamboisier

Charline von Heyl at the Bonner Kunstverein

December 3, 2012
The Bonner Kunstverein is pleased to announce its coming exhibition on CHARLINE VON HEYL (*1960, lives and works in New York and Marfa, Texas), a significant artist in the field of contemporary painting. Her works highlights painting’s ongoing currency and – in their unusual combination of charcoal, pastel, acrylic or oil paint – conjure a paradoxical pictorial world. Lozenges, zigzagging lines and circles meet up with amorphous forms, gestural sections as well as with liberally-applied lines that suggest silhouettes; powerful colors or reduced black-and-whites constitute some of the elements of a highly personal pictorial realm. Although VON HEYL was part of the Rheinland’s art scene at the beginning of the 1990s, her work has never been presented thoroughly in this region. The Bonner Kunstverein is thus proud to announce CHARLINE VON HEYL’s first institutional solo exhibition in the Rhineland. The selection of works, assembled in collaboration with Kunsthalle Nuremberg, gathers pieces from the U.S. and various European countries and draws attention to the artist’s more recent works, especially to the strong links between her painting and her graphic production.After growing up in Bonn, VON HEYL studied at first in Hamburg before she transferred to the Düsseldorf Art Academy. Although her move to New York in 1994 greatly widened her approach to painting, she still took with her significant impulses from the Rhineland art scene around Martin Kippenberg: “I began as a painter in an environment in which painting was cool and also aggressive, and I never actually lost my belief in the radical potential of painting.” She subsequently developed her own vocabulary and free associations with a variety of elements from art history, newspapers, comics, Internet, African Shoowa design or vase painting patterns from ancient Greece. These diversified source materials form a kind of archive that indirectly pervades her practice. Intuitively and without any preliminary sketching, the artist consciously keeps the painterly process open and takes the works to a point where, despite their inner diversity, they gain an iconic vividness. Neither narrativity, beauty or even pleasingness are the criteria here, rather the repeated discarding and sabotage of the images. Thus, the works can be described as idiosyncratic and autonomous characters that lure us to a close-up view, allow in-sights, yet simultaneously keep their distance.

The selection of recent pieces in the show points out the recurring use of graphic elements such as stripes and zigzagging lines, which play a special role in the artist’s practice. CHARLINE VON HEYL uses them to structure and dynamize the medium in a self-reflective manner — for example on the painted-in interior frames. Painted segments seem almost applied with a printing block, dots or harlequin-like rhombus patterns seemingly stamped, and individual color fields that reveal no trace of a brushstroke and seem to be generated by a printing machine. In the collages and works on paper, which are produced parallel to the large-scale canvases, VON HEYL has used a variety of techniques. The presence of acrylic or spray paint, copies, lithography, silkscreen as well as charcoal on polyester foil and paper testify to this. Her experimental way of working with diverse printing methods generates experiences that, in return, influence the painting process. The specific architecture of Bonner Kunstverein’s exhibition hall allows the viewer to perceive an intense dialogue between these two fields. Besides her paintings, CHARLINE VON HEYL shows in the central cabinet a series of twelve new works on paper as well as the artist’s book Sabotage from 2008, whose pictures are formed and transformed when turning its transparent and opaque pages.With a pictorial vocabulary that takes up a contemporary look at the history of painting and originates beyond any regard for concepts such as abstraction or figuration, the artist has acquired an international reputation. She has had many solo exhibitions, among others at the Vienna Secession (2004), the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia (2011) or Tate Liverpool (2012). With CHARLINE VON HEYL’s presentation, Bonner Kunstverein builds on the exhibition practice from the past decades that has repeatedly taken up renowned and influential positions like Christopher Williams and Matthias Poledna in 2009, Leiko Ikemura in 2006, Bas Jan Ader in 2000 or Alighiero Boetti in 1992.

Allan Kaprow

May 30, 2012

Christophe Daviet-Thery would be delighted to welcome you to the next exhibition by

Allan Kaprow  books and posters

at the gallery on 1th June – 21th July, 2012.

Allan Kaprow (1927-2006) is essentially known for his Happenings, the first of which, “Eighteen Happenings in Six Parts”, took place in October 1959 at the Reuben Gallery in New York, but we should also mention the less well-known aspect of his work represented by the production of books, booklets and pamphlets, produced over a period of nearly thirty years between 1962 and 1992 , to which Giorgio Maffei devoted the book titled Allan Kaprow: A Bibliography, which provides the thread of this show.

Many publications which appeared in the 1970s, when artistic praxis changed, in particular by getting away from the gallery and institution setting, can be regarded as a way of recording, documenting and describing a performative gesture, an experience really viewable by and accessible to few people. One thinks especially of some of Richard Long’s publications in their relationship to displacement.

With Allan Kaprow, the publication was akin to a notice of “re-activation” for a happening, like a user’s manual. In this respect, Allan Kaprow explains this “possibility” of re-activation in Air Condition published in 1975:

« […] The photos reproduced here are not documents.They are illustrations accompanying the verbal program and are intentionally neutral in order not to confuse «program» with subjective experience. Together such text-picture linkages can be read and enacted as the equivalent of a film scenario or football game plan […]» 

As a complement to this set of publications, a set of posters will also be shown, which Allan Kaprow used to announce some of his happenings.

Special thanks to Christoph Schifferli, Giorgio Maffei, Sylvia Bandi at Hauser & Wirth Gallery, and Tamara Bloomberg, Allan Kaprow Estate.
Please contact us for more information.
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