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December 21, 2009
Artist: Sol Lewitt
Title : “Sol Lewitt.Artist’s books”
Date : 2009
Format : 15,5 x 19 cm -144 pages – softcover
Prix : 20,00 €
In 1967, Sol LeWitt enclosed to the autumn issue of the historical magazine Aspen his “Serial Project #1”, 12 pages book in the format 20×20 cm which was designed and realized during the foregoing year. The subject is represented by the succession of serial geometrical compositions; or better, the subject is made up precisely by the differences among these compositions: “ if some parts remain constant it is to punctuate the changes”.
n the 1971, the colour makes its appearance in Sol Lewitt’s artist books with “Four basic colours and their combinations”. Then, in 1977 the american artist used bw photography in “Brick wall” to catalogue many wall surfaces and, in the same year, he used colour photography in “PhotoGrids”, collection of physical grilles of the real world.
From the beginning in 1967 until 2002, Sol LeWitt’s artist books are collected in this volume. In his works the systematic rationalism, in its extreme consequences, is translated in a sort of immaterial mysticism.Accompanied by the artist’s words, Sol LeWitt’s works in form of books create with his exhibitions relations of planning and poetic affinity, rather than formal. In other words, the book is not a mere copy of the painting, but a mirror and a different point of view from where observing the same idea.



Yann Serandour

December 21, 2009

Inside the White Cube – Édition Fantôme , 2009

Edition of  50 copies signed and numbered  + 10 A.P + 4 H.C

Design by  Jérôme Saint-LoubertBié, paris.

Box in Cialux orange bookcloth and lined with offset prints by Laurel Parker, Paris.

Size: Book: 26,7 x 27,7 cm – Box: 27,9 x 28,1 cm

Published by  Christophe Daviet-Thery, 2009, Paris

Each boxed edition will include an English and a French version of the book, Inside the White Cube, by Yann Sérandour, which is published by JRP/Ringier, Zürich, as part of the Christoph Keller Editions collection.

The interstitial and mimetic works by Yann Sérandour originale from existing works, publications and products which he reactivates and whose issues are changed. Embracing a conceptual view of art, he extends some historical expressions in other directions throught infiltration, parasiting and “hijacking” operations. On one hand, these tactics are a way to reactivate – and sometimes to modify- the latent meanings of a work and on the other hand, to interrogate the transformations of the historical, political and aesthetic issues associated with it.

Price: 450 euros

Johannes Wohnseiffer

December 16, 2009

Gallery Exhibition from November 14 – December 23,  2009

Johannes Wohnseiffer: All the Books – Tous les livres

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