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John Stezaker

April 28, 2010

The Bridge, 2010

Edition of  33 signed and numbered copies + 7 A.P + 2 H.C

Design by  Jérôme Saint-LoubertBié, paris.

Published by &: Christophe Daviet-Thery, 2010, Paris.

Price upon request.

With a focus on photographs, books and other printed media as the central matrix for his work along with an acknowledged pre-occupation with Kafka’s novel , The Castle (1926), for this new project.John Stezaker has used a book by Karel Plicka titled Prague in Photographs, specially the edition printed in 1961. Using a minimalist approach to alteration while emphazing the sensation of mystery and vertigo, John Stezaker has turned this book inside out.He has shifted the orientation of viewing the original book.In addition to taking the same single page in each book of the edition and altering it though subtie collage.Though this quiet intervention, Stezaker is questioning the orientation and documentation of all the images in Plicka’s book which in turn afters the viewer’s own relationship with the visual narrative of old photographs. The book’s title The Bridge, is also a metaphor of what collage itself is, namely a way of linking two separate images.

Without Sol Lewitt

April 26, 2010

© rebecca fanuele


Artist’s books 1967-2002 by Johannes Wohnseifer, 2010

Design by Thomas Stavridis

Size: 50,4 x 84,1 cm – Edition of 100 copies

Price: 5 euros

The poster is sold folded