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Edition ex libris # 1 -20

December 11, 2010

January 7 -February 5, 2011.

This set of 20 books is part of a project entiltled “Ex libris”, a work in progress initiated by the German publisher Gerhard Theween. Each artist (Mark Dion, Gunther Förg, Thomas Ruff, Rosemarie Trockel, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Lawrence Weiner, Luc Tuymans, Louise Bourgeois, Thomas Demand, Wolfgang Tillmans, Peter Doig, Norbert Schwontkowski, Thomas Struth, Rachel Whiteread, Marcel Dzama …) has been asked to choose his(or her) favourit book for a reprint edition and to create an ex libris for the chosen book. All of them also created a specific cover for the reprinted book.

Each edition has also a limited collectors edition with an additional work (drawing,c-print,silkscreen,etching…)

These choices reveal a certain number of aspects and influences of each artist’s work.

Landscape – Language

December 11, 2010

December 8 – December 20, 2010.

Bernard Fuchs “Strassen und wege – Fotografien”, 2009

Toine Horvers “Inis O irr panorama”,2006

Toine Horvers “Tor line panorama”,2010

Richard Long “No where”,1994

Richard Long “Twelve works” 1981

Richard Long “Lines of time – Tijdlijnen”,1986

No where” 1994 Richard Long

“Lines of time – Tijdlijnen” 1986 Richard Long


“No where” 1994 Richard Long

“Lines of time – Tijdlijnen” 1986 Richard Long

“Twelve works” 1981 Richard Long

«Tor line panorama» 2010 Toine Horvers

From the image to the text,this selection of books questions what is represented,and
specifically in this case,that of a landscape.
Each artist,in a unique manner,reproduces it and presents it for us to see.
Bernard Fuchs,via photography,or Richard Long,with this “No Where”. But it is the language which he uses in “Twelve works” or “Lines of time’ or which Toine Horvers emplays in “Inis Oirr panorama” or “Tor line panorama”,in which langauage becomes image.