Jérémie Bennequin

Ommage à la recherche du temps perdu, du côté de chez Swann.

“Erasing the work of Marcel Proust In search of lost time, according to a strict protocol, is my artistic approach.To the rythm of a daily page, a necessary constraint, I rease with an ink rubber, in the white collection of Gallimard, a series of the seven volumes of this novel.It is a long-term work, a slow, meticulous and methodical progress for which it is possible to determine the date of archievement accurately. To this obsessive minimal gesture, simple act of presence, is added the necessity to reedit progressively the proustien work in its blurred version, according to the division into chapters wanted by the author. Moreover, the printing of the ruined text-scattered letters-, solitary syllabes, fragments entirely legibile words, snatches of sentences and even scraps of thoughts-from the semi random result of a free mixture of spontaneous choices”

Exhibition catalogue ” I hate Paul Klee” (Ed Snoeck)

Price: 28 euros


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