Christoph Schifferli project: Books on Books

© rebecca fanuele

Christoph Schifferli project book on books

September 5 to November 7, 2009

Following the many thematic exhibits (“Dessine moi un livre”, “Lignes mulitples”, “Urbanscape”…) and several devoted to the work of specific artists (Richard Long, Hamish Fulton, Christopher Wool…) and publishers (JRP/Ringier, Michèle Didier, Nieves, Salon Verlag…), Christophe Daviet-Thery asked Christoph Schifferli to curate the exhibition “books on book”, which wills deal with the image and representation of books.

This exhibit explores three different ways in which a book is represented: either as memory or documentation, as image of the book itself as subject for artist’s books and finally as representation of the book as art.

Christoph Schifferli is a collector of photography and artists’ books. An important part of his collection is devoted to photographs related to cinema; a selection of these was published by 7L.Steidl in 2008 Paper Dreams: The Lost of Art Hollywood Still Photography. In 2001, he was the editor of The Japanese Box, a re-edition by 7L.Steidl of the avant-garde magazine Provoke, originally published in Tokyo in 1968-1969.

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